I really don’t like having to explain discrimination to people.

I don’t like having to prove that it exists.

I don’t like having to prove that there are benefits to making it not exist.

But sometimes, even with close, personal friends, I find myself having to have this conversation.

In many ways, I’m the least qualified person in the world to talk about discrimination. I am a young white American male. I am the pinnacle of people that aren’t discriminated against in this country. This leads some people to believe that I should shut my fat piehole on the topic, since clearly I don’t know what “those people” have been through.

I tend to hold the opposite view. I think everyone has to speak up against things that they see that aren’t okay.

Here’s a confession: I don’t donate to charities that help alleviate and work against discrimination. This isn’t because I don’t think they’re valuable. It’s because most of the time I have NO. FUCKING. MONEY. I will someday. But a failure to put my money where my mouth is doesn’t mean my mouth should shut up.

If only people who are being discriminated against could speak against discrimination, discrimination would never change. Because it would be an “us” versus “them.” Sure, THEY’RE complaining. But you know THEM. THEY find any excuse they can to get aggravated about stuff…

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