10 Takeaways from the (Life-Changing!) Sundance Screenwriters Lab

It takes a village to make an independent film, and there are few villages as important and supportive as the Sundance Institute. If you don’t know the institute and its programs, you certainly know the films that exist because of the Institute’s immeasurable support. Previously I shared how I got into the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, and speculated about why I was fortunate enough to be selected this year after not making it in the past (hint: make a short – regardless of the labs, so many of this year’s festival features were adapted from shorts). Now that the lab and the festival are over, I’d like to share some things I learned at the life-changing (and I don’t use that term lightly) Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

First I’d like to thank the A3 Foundation for making me their inaugural Sundance Fellow, and second I’d like to thank the other fellows (pictured above) in addition to the amazing and generous advisors and staff! “What, exactly, is the lab?” is a common question, and thankfully there’s a brand new video that defines the lab experience much better than I can describe it. At this year’s festival (Sundance’s 30th anniversary) the Institute released this video, which gives a great overview of the Feature Film Program Labs:…

Check out the list of 10 Takeaways from the (Life-Changing!) Sundance Screenwriters Lab, originally found on nofilmschool.