10 Commandments for Directing (& Writing) Comedy from Director David Dobkin

What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? Do you lean towards the slapstickiness of a Farrelly Bros. flick, or do you prefer Wes Anderson’s boarding school style of humor? There are all types and styles of comedy, but one thing they have in common, other than being laugh-inducing, is that those laughs were hard-won. Writing and directing comedy is not easy, despite how effortlessly people respond to it, and if you’re in need of a little guidance, check out this article Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin wrote for the Directors Guild of America: his 10 Commandments of Directing Comedy.

As a screenwriter and director, I can admit that I haven’t found my home. I’ve written and directed comedic, dramatic, and horror films, varying in tone and substance, but they all tend to contain a great deal of my comedic sensibilities. The funny thing is (no pun intended), I’ve found it so much more difficult to make people laugh than make people cry or scream in terror — people guard their humor fervently, and have extremely particular tastes when it comes to which jokes they find funny. This is why Dobkin’s list is so helpful, because it breaks down common issues found in crafting comedic films, as well as sheds light on its nature…

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