The Women of Sundance 2014

Women, this is our year. 

I don’t say this because I’ve got numbers to back me up (because I don’t), or because I’m generally an overly optimistic cheerleader of life (though I am). I say this because it’s our only choice. Thishas to be our year.

As Sundance kicks off in Park City, a large handful of women are about to debut their new films and fresh voices to the world. And after interviewing almost all of them myself I can say, in my most eloquent terms, that this year’s slate of Sundance female filmmakers is absolutely badass. The women of Sundance 2014 are brave, bold, eccentric, decisive, bawdy, humble, confident, hilarious and provocative. Their films will make you laugh, cry and actually give a damn.

The only thing is: there won’t be that many of them. And I want to know why.

I’m a female and I’m also a filmmaker — and it wasn’t until very recently that I realized (or, rather, admitted) I am actually a combination of both: I am a female filmmaker. Strong, tough, too focused to be bothered by gender, most of the Sundance women filmmakers I’ve spoken with for this piece also share this closeted femaleness, telling me: “I don’t see myself as a female filmmaker. I’m just a filmmaker, period.” But a deeper look at the very low numbers of working women in film makes me wonder if we’ve all been too long ignoring the very female elephant in the room — our gender itself…

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