Are Your Costumes Telling Stories? Take a Look Inside the Costume Design for ‘American Hustle’

Making a film means getting really good at plate spinning, and oftentimes, the plate that falls first is the one that the wardrobe rests on. However, finding the right costume to dress your characters in not only helps tell your film’s story, but it also raises the production value a great deal. We take a look inside the conceptualization of the costumes in American Hustle, revealing just how important the costuming in your film can be.

For a lot of low-budget filmmakers, getting your hands on any amount of money is a huge deal, and being frugal and smart about where it goes is the name of the game. Unfortunately, giving your film a decent costume budget is a difficult task, which means the thought behind costuming tends to only go shirt deep. (“Do the cops look like cops? Is my protagonist wearing pants? Yes? Move on.”)

In a Hollywood Reporter article, five costume designers, Catherine Martin (The Great Gatsby), Michael Wilkinson (American Hustle),Mary Zophres (Inside Llewyn Davis), Trish Summerville (Catching Fire) and Daniel Orlandi(Saving Mr. Banks) talk about what inspired them to create the wardrobes for their respective films. Though most of us wouldn’t even dream of having the budgets these artists were able to work with on just the costumes alone, their processes of creating outfits that both looked great on-screen, as well as added to the narrative is something we can all learn from…

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