Renowned Gaffer John Higgins Reveals Secrets Behind Lighting Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Films

Just about every cinematographer will tell you the same thing: their work wouldn’t be half as good without the help of their most trusted gaffer. This can be attributed to the fact that lighting successfully for film and television is one of the most challenging aspects of production, and the larger the scale of a production becomes, the more intensive the lighting needs will be. John Higgins is one of the industry’s leading gaffers, and he has worked to light some of Hollywood’s biggest films alongside some of today’s most accomplished DP’s such as Emmanuel Lubezki and Roger Deakins. Higgins recently sat down with thecallsheet to discuss the lighting philosophies behind some of the biggest films that Hollywood has to offer:

For a little bit of  background on John Higgins, his career as a gaffer has spanned over 30 years, and his impressive resume features 60+ feature films, including 15 with famed cinematographer, Roger Deakins. Two of his more recent films, Skyfall and Gravityhave been absolute technical masterpieces in terms of the scale and overall quality of the projects. In his recent interview with thecallsheet (an industry website for UK-based film professionals,) Higgins talked about some of his best work and the lighting philosophies behind these films.

One of the most difficult tasks that any DP or gaffer might face in the course of a production is how to incorporate various types of studio or practical lighting into large public spaces, such as stations or malls. On The Bourne UltimatumHiggins was tasked with figuring out how to incorporate light into London’s famous Waterloo Station for this action-based scene: …

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