You Will Never Be An Insider In The Industry

This week’s article is a guest post from actor, director + acting coach Craig Archibald that I think is so valuable I had to share it with you again. Craig shares with us a really impactful lesson in focusing our energy on what’s really important instead of this mystical “inner circle” of the industry.

I was reading an article recently in “Film Comment” magazine (vol. 47 no. 1) in which there was an interview with the great film director James L. Brooks. Mr. Brooks is world renowned as one of the top directors in Hollywood. He has been in the industry for ages and was a writer on the classic television hits “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Taxi”; he directed many Academy Award winning films including “Terms of Endearment”, “As Good as it Gets”, “Spanglish” and the recent “How Do You Know”. You may recognize his name as the Executive Producer of “The Simpsons”.

In the article Mr. Brooks was questioned by the interviewer, Gavin Smith, about his new movie and what came to light was the fact that Mr. Brooks feels like an outsider. He said “I always think of myself as on the outside looking in. And I have all these fantasies about the inside – in there, people are having a good time, all the time- that’s true isn’t it?”

And the surprised interviewer, said “ You see yourself as an outsider? You’re regarded as a powerful Hollywood insider.”…

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