‘American Psycho’ Screenwriter Guinevere Turner Wants You to Write the Worst Scene Ever Written

Writer/director/actress, and one of the most influential proponents of LGBT cinema, Guinevere Turner, sat down with NFS to talk about her work as a screenwriter for such films as Go FishAmerican Psychoand The Notorious Bettie PageWhile sharing about how she got started, her process, and techniques that made her a better writer (yes, including writing bad scenes,) she also discusses her feature directorial debut for her upcoming project Creeps.

NFS: So, how did you get into screenwriting?

GT: I got into screenwriting in kind of a roundabout way — unexpected, I should say. I went to Sarah Lawrence College — I thought I was going to be a novelist. I was living in Chicago, my girlfriend just graduated from film school, and we were both bemoaning the state of lesbian cinema. And then I said, “Well, I’m a writer. I’ll write a script. You’re a filmmaker, so you’ll make a movie.” I’d never wrote a script in my life when I wrote the script for Go Fish. I got into screenwriting because I just decided to do it. I never studied it — and it’s funny, because now I teach it. It was very much a learning-by-doing, trial and error process.

The guy who wrote Ocean’s Thirteen — Brian Koppelman — I was looking at his Six-Second Screenwriting Advice, and he said, “All screenwriting books are bullshit. Watch movies. Read scripts.” That has kind of been my execution. One time I really broke down The Big Chillthinking, “What can I learn from this movie?” And you know what it is? Do you know why it’s so popular?…

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