Joe Eszterhas’ 10 Golden Rules of Screenwriting

Legend has it (okay, well, actually it was theLos Angeles Times) that Joe Eszterhas once sold a script written on the back of a cocktail napkin for 4.7 million dollars.

And it makes sense when one learns that once upon a time good ol’ Joe was the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood. Eszterhas made the not-unheard-of transition from reporting to screenwriting after serving as the senior editor forRolling Stone from 1971-1975. Three short years later, Eszterhas’ first script,F.I.S.T, starring Sylvester Stallone, was made into a feature film. A series of iconic Razzie-award-winning films followed over his three-decade career:Flashdance, Basic Instinct, Nowhere to Run, Showgirls, and Jade. On top of all this, Eszterhas has written six books, including his most recent enticing read,Heaven and Mel, an account of his time working with Mel Gibson on a script about the Maccabees.

Eszterhas’ golden rules may just be our most colorful yet—aside from troublemaker Seth MacFarlane’s. His foul-mouthed suggestions for screenwriters young and old are blunt yet informative, making for an amusing and illuminating read…

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