Casting Needs: Matcha & Caffeine

Production: Matcha & Caffeine
Contact: Ali Murtaza
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number818-267-7017
Location: Los Angeles

Julian RawChocolate, 20s, raw food chef , unsuccessful flirt

Micahel Tompton 30s, failed lawyer, believes in American Dream

Stephanie Boron 30s, barista, center of community, emotional

Jennifer Hackton 20s, musician, mentally unstable, unpredictable

Ben Sols 40s, Detective, clean cut,

Doug Tone 30s, Dishevled, untempered, high

Maasai Barakon 20s, Young Entrepreneur

Sandee Deepak 30s, Indian, Yoga teacher raised in the US

Jane McNalty 60s, town gossip, lived in the canyon for decades.