Five Ideas That Will Change the Way You Produce Film: Takeaways From IFP Film Week

IFP Film Week wrapped up Thursday with a keynote by DJ Spooky, marking the end to the Filmmaker ConferenceProject Forum and Festival Forum for which worldwide creators converged at the Lincoln Center over the past five days. The week brought together industry veterans with first-time filmmakers in a series of panels densely packed back to back. Though some regretted that the conference frequently seemed to skirt issues dealing with the inequities built into the industry, those able to afford or steal a pass found certain key ideas exchanged worth the several-hundred-dollar ticket price. Read on for our top five takeaways.

1. Know Your Numbers.

Sometimes a number is worth a thousand words, and whether we’re talking data or cheddar, there is a serious dearth of it being passed around the independent film industry these days. Here are a few noteworthy numericals that emerged from various panelists during the Filmmaker Conference. Let’s riff on Harper’s Index style for this one:

54,000: The number of dollars raised by the average Sundance Institute-supported film’s Kickstarter campaign. (The takeaway: you can do it too. Right?)

10: The maximum percentage of your film that can be shown outside theaters before your work becomes ineligible to receive an Academy Award. (10% or 10 minutes, whichever is shorter.)

9: The number of times more views Youtube videos get when they are introduced by their creators. (Don’t be shy.)

20: The percentage of your crowdfunding budget which, if raised in the first few days, skyrockets you into the echelon of projects which are 80% likely to succeed. Ask your best friends and family to support the campaign within the first three days to reach that mark. (Thank you, Seed&Spark.)

20: The number of dollars an email address would be worth if we lived in a world where social capital was directly monetized, according to a speaker on the “You’re Richer Than You Think” panel. Facebook likes would be $0.50, Twitter followers, $0.10. (He was grabbing these numbers out of the air, but you get the point.)

71,000: The number of dollars raised by a Detropia Kickstarter campaign to cover P&A. (They could have shot a little higher, said Michael Tuckman. “It’s as hard to run a $70k campaign as it is to run a $100k campaign.”)

 390,024: Detropia domestic box office dollars. ‘Nuff said. …

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