WMM Film Geeks 014—2013-07-27

Film Geeks Unite!

this week is Improv Night! We’re not having our usual “How We Make Movies,” that’s still getting on track after WMM Fest.
next week, different WMM peeps are participating in the 48HFP. Chad and Garrett are working together with one of the teams.

in case you’ve been wondering what Christopher Nolan’s been up to since the Dark Knight movies, there was an update on an upcoming film of his this week. The film is called Interstellar and the update is that West Bentley joined the cast.

google released Chromecast, a small $35 dongle that turns any TV w/ an HDMI connector into a video streaming device just like a Roku box. in just two days, all the Chromecasts at Amazon, Best Buy AND Google Play were sold out. entirely sold out. Chromecast could destroy Roku, it’s still really new and doesn’t support a ton of apps and channels and whatnot, but Google doesn’t need to make money off the product itself the way Roku does, so they can price the Chromecast so much lower than the Roku. extremely disruptive – as Google loves to be – so this could get really, really interesting. one really cool thing about Chromecast is that if you use Chrome as a browser on any handheld device, you’ll be able to broadcast to a TV with the Chromecast on it by hitting the button on the browser. btw, even though they’re sold out at the moment, if you buy a Chromecast on Google Play right now, they’re saying that your device will ship in 3-4 weeks.

JOHN WILLIAMS IS SCORING STAR WARS! Okay, so maybe this isn’t surprising. But it is awesome. It would be like hearing that Irvin Kirshner is directing. It’s not a guarantee that the film will be awesome, but it’s a step in the right direction. (By the way, yes, Irvin Kirshner is deceased.) That news came out this week along with vague Hollywood rumors that actors are being sought out to play Luke Skywalker’s son. Two names on the list: Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling.

http://www.tubefilter.com/2013/07/26/video-game-high-school-season-2-infographic — Freddy W releases cool infographic which shows where all the money went to produce Video Game High School two. he raised $1.3 million for the sequel – a little more than double what he raised for the first VGHS. fun fact: a friend of chad’s from college is in VGHS, Cynthia Watros (Lost)

The Wolverine is doing respectably on Rotten tomatoes, with 67 from critics but a more impressive 78 from audiences. Criticisms I’ve seen say that the villains and plot are weak-ish. But Jackman’s still apparently got enough mojo to bring audiences, the film looks to be doing over 50 mil over its opening weekend. More exciting are words from Jackman that he wants to bring Wolverine into the Avengers franchise and is going to try to push for that. Fun fact: Wolverine’s first appearance in comics EVER was in The Incredible Hulk.”

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spikelee/the-newest-hottest-spike-lee-joint — WHAT?! et tu Spike Lee? $1.2 million dollars, 6 days in and he’s raised over $300k, so he’s clearly on track to hit his target. in his video he references Veronica Mars and Zack Braff’s recent successes on Kickstarter and he also talks about his history of making films, but he says very little about the movie he’s trying to make except to say that it’s about people who are addicted to blood and that there will be sex in it – then SEX flashes on the screen a few times to demonstrate how serious he is about that. should be interesting. Fuck that guy.

So back in geek news, Deus Ex is becoming a movie. If you don’t know what Deus Ex is, EXPLANATION. On the surface, this seems like great news, but of course there’s never been a good video game based off of a movie. And on that note, there’s a LOOONG history of Hollywood adaptations that have NOTHING TO DO with the material they’re adapted from.  Which begs the question, why do they do it at all? And of course the answer is money. It’s because they’re trying to buy a pre-existing audience of a popular title. Now, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the film adaptation is dead on, but the film bombs anyway because the translation is a problem—like in Cloud Atlas.

Moving on… They’ve talked before about different ways to market yourself as a filmmaker and an artist and chad wanted to bring up the subject of technical know-how. Now, technical know-how doesn’t mean jack shit to audiences. But it does mean something to other people in the industry, and sometimes their voice can become your loudspeaker. Shane Carruth, for example, who we talked about as having directed Primer and Upstream Color. Well, Steven Soderbergh apparently fell in love with the guy (platonically[as far as I know]) and now he’s kind of seen as a “”sponsor”” for Carruth.

OK, well, so if you’re a good artist and you can get discovered by someone who’s already made it, you’re golden. But how can you apply that on a smaller scale? Well, if you know how to do something better than anyone else, or even better than most people, you should become known for that. Garrett just published an article to his blog yesterday that’s a technical tutorial, and it’s extremely comprehensive. It’s gotten more views in the last twenty-four hours than his blog has in the last six months. And that’s getting his blog more subscribers, getting him more followers on twitter, and hooking him up with other artists. Now they’re more likely to talk about him and include him in things. That article isn’t attracting people who are going to consume his art. It’s attracting other artists who he can collaborate with, and who can sort of become his mouthpiece.

Sam Mestman, our fearless leader, does the same thing. He’s got more and better resources on FCPX and RED systems than anyone. He’s got tutorials, articles. He’s interviewed by magazines. He’s pretty much the go-to guy for a lot of people on that subject. And that means that they’re more likely to think of him for projects, more likely to speak about him as being a person of authority, etc. So to that degree, he’s using his technical know-how to forward the spread of his art.

So if you’ve got something like that, make it known. Write tutorials, or make video tutorials. And if you don’t know something special—learn it! Maybe you can become the leading authority on DIY robotics as applied to film. Something. Innovate, discover what you can do different or better and then become an authority on it.