‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Shares Great Screenwriting Insight in Final Interview

To many he’s just that eerie, stilted voice of The Twilight Zonebut to others he was an incredibly talented writer and mind behind one of the most popular TV shows of its time — and still today holding its own. Rod Serling was widely celebrated, winning 6 Emmies, the Peabody, 2 Golden Globes, and 2 Writer’s Guild of America awards during his unfortunately short career. Three months prior to his death, Serling gave his final interview in which he talks at length about screenwriting: his process, his motivation, and how he dealt with rejection early on in his career.

Many of us grew up watching and enjoying The Twilight Zone, unfortunately for those in my generation, we could only experience it through reruns on basic cable — probably during the most monotonous hour of a Sunday afternoon. The show has a massive cult following today and is considered a mainstay of pop culture. But, what of the man behind it all?

Serling offers great insight in this expansive interview — questions ranging anywhere from how important he thinks screenplays are to production to who or what he’d like to be if reincarnated. The most intriguing of them, though, center around his craft of screenwriting.

When asked why he writes, he replies…

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