WooWave – the automated syncing software with the funny name

I’ve made no secret of my love for PluralEyes, the auto-syncing tool that came to market a few years ago. It has saved me countless hours in the edit suite doing that most menial of tasks: syncing. A competitor popped up a while back (not counting Final Cut Pro X’s built-in option) called WooWave. It’s certainly a quirky name that fits this quirky tool. But the most important question is this: how well does WooWave sync? I put it through my usual battery of syncing tests to find out. The results weren’t so great.

WooWave’s personality is evident as soon as you launch the app. Click the help or license button and a big, yellow speech bubble responds.

There aren’t a whole lot of options but click the Options buttons and you’re greeted with just a few settings and sync options.

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