Sharing Final Cut Pro X Projects between editors for a collaborative workflow

Jordan Smith wrote to us with a link to his article on sharing Final Cut Pro X projects. We liked the article so much, we asked if we could reprint it here on So if more than one editor is going to be working on the same project, read on…

Over to Jordan Smith from Phantom Moose.

A lot has been written on the subject of how to share Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) projects. Some say it can’t be done. Others say it can be done, just with caveats. I’m here to tell you that after much experimentation, I have figured out how to make FCPX do pretty near precisely what FCP 7 does for media management.

Let me set up what I need to do. My upcoming project, Month of the Novel Season 2, is planned to be edited on FCPX by two editors, myself and my co-editor Ruth. We are both long-time users of FCP 7, and we used it to edit Season 1 of the show. Before we could switch to FCPX, I needed to find out if a few things were still possible. Here’s our workflow from Season 1 that we’re hoping to keep for Season 2:

  • Shoot the series in Georgia. While there, load the footage to Ruth’s computer.

  • I travel back to my home state, Illinois, with a copy of the project and media on my external drive.

  • Ruth and I share project files back and forth as we cut episodes and review each other’s work, making changes on either end.

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