Harlem Shake: Baauer cashes in on viral video’s massive YouTube success

February’s viral hit Harlem Shake relies, in time-honored viral style, on silly dancing and catchy beats. But this simple combination has potentially serious implications as YouTube becomes an increasingly important music service.

On Reddit, the man behind the Harlem Shake meme, Baauer (also known as Brooklyn’s Harry Rodrigues), answered questions in classic famous-by-internet fashion with the site’s Ask Me Anything feature. Among his revelations about what sort of dinosaur he’d be, (a pterodactyl) and artesian wells (or internet searching), he also responded, vaguely, to questions about the profits he’s made from the video which has received more than 11.6m hits.
Reddit user harry-bergeron: “How much money have you personally made thus far off of Harlem Shake?”
Baauer: “$1,000,000,000,000”

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