How to Crowdfund an Oscar Winning Movie

Crowdfunding has become a successful strategy for filmmakers to raise money to make their movies. If you were paying attention, you probably noticed that the 2013 Oscar ceremony awarded two films that benefited from Crowdfunding. With this I believe we can finally say that Hollywood has jumped on the crowdfunding bandwagon.

In March 2011, Andrew Napier co-produced a short film with his friend Shawn Christensen titled Curfew. Needing to cover post-production costs, they turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help offset impending bills. At the time, crowdfunding had not gained traction and the filmmakers, knowing little of the service and its benefits, put minimal effort into their campaign.

The campaign raised over $1,200 and Curfew went on to win an Academy Award two years later in the Best Live Action Short Film category. Although they only raised 10% of their campaign goal, Napier recognized the opportunities Indiegogo could provide. He returned to the site to finish post-production on a documentary titled Mad as Hell: Rise of The Young Turks in the fall of 2012.

The campaign surpassed its initial goal, raising almost $70,000.

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