Production Needs: Gaslight

Production: Gaslight
Contact: Charlotte Stauffer
Contact Phone Number(678) 525-6509
Location: Los Angeles


Seeking LIGHTING designer with equipment for a webseries shooting on a
weekend in March. All work is credited on IMDB.

Seeking SOUND designer with mics for production and/or post, for the

Seeking a PROPS designer for the web-series, to make scarves fly and
books fall off shelves.

Seeking a MARKETING person for the web series, to run Twitter and
Tumblr accounts as the characters.

Seeking BEDROOM LOCATION for the web-series, should have a doorway
leading to the hallway in the middle of one wall.

The series is 13 episodes of around 5 minutes each in a fixed
location. It’s a quirky suspense show. Please send resumes, any
previous work/reels, and any relevant

Thank you!