Who Else Wants To Make A Movie?

Whenever I give talks on modern moviemaking, there is invariably someone in the audience who asks if I would personally produce his or her brilliant idea into a movie. In answering this question, I have to ask why the person wants to make movies?

“Because I want to be famous.”

At this point my jaw drops to the floor. People like this will rarely succeed as filmmakers.

Who Else Wants To Make A Movie?

Here is the secret to making a movie

Your ability to get a movie made, seen and sold relies solely on YOUR persistence. Your goal is to keep going when things get tough. You must do everything in your power to prove to the universe that you want a career making movies, bad. You owe the world your vision, but it is YOU who must to bring your vision to life.

Desire and ambition is not enough. You have to take action! Nobody will do it for you.

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