How to Clean a Camera Lens Without Damaging the Glass

Maintaining equipment is one of the biggest responsibilities of any camera assistant and lenses are going to be some of the more expensive pieces of gear that you end up dealing with. So knowing how to clean one properly, and do it well, is going to be vital to your success as a camera assistant. Now this is my way of cleaning a lens — it is by no way definitive — there are certainly alternative methods. But this was taught to me on a feature film and it works for me, so I’d like to pass it on to you today.

You’re going to need a few tools to do this and I have them right here and I’m going to go over them with you right now:

The first is you’re going to want a flashlight. Preferably something small. This is a Mini Maglite that I have. You’re going to want it small so that you can either hold it in your mouth, rest it on your shoulder, or under your chin so that you can free up your other two hands to work.

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