Casting Needs: Rocks Off (PAID web series pilot)

UPDATE:The prior version of this notification said the auditions would be March 23rd in Culver City. That’s not correct. Auditions are this upcoming Saturday, FEBRUARY 23rd in Culver City. The notification has been corrected.

Production: Rock Offs
Contact: Chad Kukahiko / Jessica Rothert
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 323.244.4144
Location: Los Angeles

“ROCKS OFF” is a web-series pilot, covered under a SAG New Media contract, written by Mikey Courchain and directed by Brennon Bynum. Rate for each role below will be $100/day and all roles will be needed for just one day each. Meals & credit will also be provided.

If you’re interested in any of these roles (and fit the description) please email your Photo/Resume and a link to your reel (if available) to [email protected] with “ROCKS OFF CASTING: [role name]” in the subject header, where [role name] is obviously replaced by name of the role you’d like to be considered for. If the audition spots are available, we’ll email you back with an audition time this Saturday, February 23rd in Culver City.

Here are the roles:

Summer – to play 15-17 (could actually be over 18, but must read 15-17). She is the typical American teenager. Slim, very much into the current teenage trends in hair and dress and not at all interested in what her parents have to say. The key here is that regardless of who plays the part… the character of Summer needs to look convincingly to be between the ages of 15-17.

Rusty – to play 13-16 – we might consider slightly older however, but definitely needs to appear young enough to still be in high school. Rusty is the typical American teenage boy… but not the jock/athletic type, Rusty is more into loose fitting logo t-shirts, baggy jeans and video games. Would prefer longer hair as that gives a more youthful appearance. He does not wear all black and look like a druggie however. He is just a kid trying to fit in with his friends.

Julien – Preferably African-American, but definitely effeminate. He’s not so over-the-top however that we won’t buy it when he is slightly insulted when BirdDog says he’s gay (Julian has not come out of the closet yet). Very clean, very neat in appearance, takes his job very seriously. Not tall or muscular… don’t want him to be threatening in any way. Not a cartoon either. Want to feel something for this character in his frustration in dealing with BirdDog, but also still find it funny when he is struggling and getting “called-out” by him too.

BirdDog’s Girlfriend – Definitely NOT the “typical” description of “hot”, but she probably thinks she is. To make the scene of the two of them kissing work, she should be at about the same physically. Just a little out of shape, not un-attractive, not obese (NOT Rebel Wilson). She maybe wears a little too much makeup, cheap jewelry. Clothing would be a little trashy, look would be a little un-refined and tacky/trashy. She is thinking she’s stylish, but is obviously getting tips from the other side of the tracks (think big hoop earrings instead of diamond studs – tramp stamp tatoo – jeans or a miniskirt that is about 5-10 years past being cool). She should probably look a little younger than Bird Dog (who’s in his early 40s) as she is not old enough to realize what a loser he really is.