Tempo: A budget VFX lesson from Seth Worley and Red Giant

Red Giant is known for their effects software, including Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista and Trapcode Particular. But they are also developing a name for themselves with a series of short films that are both entertaining and great demos of how-to-do effects on a budget. It probably doesn’t hurt that they also demonstrate how to use their software too!

Director Seth Worley and Aharon Rabinowitz, director of Communities at Red Giant, spoke at a recent meeting of theBoston Creative Pro Users Group about the production of their latest short, Tempo.

Worley first came to Red Giant’s attention when the company was looking for a way to talk about its products “without being obnoxious,” according to Rabinowitz. After coming across a video Worley had done as an entry in ABC’s “Ultimate Lost Fan Promo” contest, he also saw “Adventure Now” a web series Worley had directed. In the documentary on the making of the series, Worley said that he’d made the series for a ridiculously low amount of money. Said Rabinowitz jokingly, “That’s the guy I want to work with!” “But,” continued Rabinowitz, “we didn’t want to throw $100,000 at a film. We wanted to throw the amount of money that people have.” This collaboration resulted in the short Plot Device, which was produced for $10,000 and became a viral hit. Worley now works for Red Giant, and Tempo is the fourth short he has directed for the company.

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