Production Needs: Deferred Pay Receptionist

Production: Deferred Pay Receptionist
Contact: Anisa Alamia
Contact Phone Number: 626-497-6938
Location: Los Angeles
Most of you were able to hear my table read- and now we’re shooting!
Planning on February 2nd.
No pay, just a meal and a good time.
One day, max 7 hour shoot.
Looking for some assistance!
I need:
Grip (and any equipment you have/ have access to)
Craft Services (if you know someone trying to promote their new catering business, or your mom is super bored…)
Basically that’s all-
I have a DP, Sound Op, Director, and Post taken care of- we’re just a little short on some lighting and someone to keep us on top of everything 🙂
If you want to be part of the project and you see a hole in the crew that needs to be filled I will gladly accept your help!
Anisa Alamia