Production Needs: Deferred Pay Receptionist

Production: Deferred Pay Receptionist
Contact: Anisa Alamia
Contact Phone Number: 626-497 -6938
Location: Los Angeles

Shooting February 2nd in Culver City, one day shoot no more than 8
hours. Its a donate-your-services-for-food type shoot, but it’ll be
VERY funny and it will look great (RED cam).

I need:

a Make Up artist ( 3 actors)

a grip (with any lighting equipment you can beg borrow steal) I can
email you photos of the location so you can see what we’re working
with (its pretty decent lighting we just need a little help)

a sound mixer- I have a maybe on the expert, and a solid yes on
equipment, so I’m hedging my bets here by asking for a back up 🙂