Production Needs: SECTIONS OF SCENES

Contact: Brie Eley
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 832-725-5658
Location: Los Angeles

Seeking director/crew to shoot SECTIONS of SCENES – PAID

Our goal: shoot two SECTIONS OF SCENES [not the full things] at a
really high quality so that it gives the impression that we were
actually in two new projects. It’s a little deceiving, but hey we’re
just trying to get this done. 🙂

We’ve chosen 2 two person scenes that highlight our work, both
comedic. They are both about 20 seconds in length and one is an
interior apartment location and the other a street scene. Now we’re
looking for someone to collaborate with us and to fill out a crew that
bring in high quality sound, lighting, and editing.

We’re hoping to shoot this sometime in the next two weeks, but we can
push back if it means bringing together the best elements. Again, it’s
just there to help fill our reel, and there’s no other actors
involved. We are happy to discuss rates, ideas around crewing up the
project, etc. Please reply with rates or examples of your work.