B-Side: How a Bunch of First-Timers Made a SAG Ultra-Low Feature Without Blowing Up the Garage

Nine years ago, I walked into Sound One on my first run at my first internship. This summer, I walked out of Sound One having completed post-production on my first feature, B-Side, less than six months after we began pre-production. It wasn’t just a feature debut for me as a director, but also for our producer, DP, editor, 1st AD, and leading lady.

Now rest assured, I could tell you dozens of things we would do differently. Free sample: Don’t shoot anything that will go in a movie’s first five minutes on the first day of shooting. And we have no idea what the future holds for our little romantic comedy (To any festival programmers or distributors reading this: Have I mentioned you’re looking fantastic these days?).

But since finishing a movie this size without going over-budget, going over-schedule, or killing anyone is a small miracle, I thought it could be instructive to share what we ultimately did right. Other than getting lucky, of course:

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