You are not going to want to miss our WMM FILM CHALLENGE FINALS!!!!

WHAT:  This is it, folks!  77 scripts to 31… and we now have our SIX finalists!  Each finalist will receive SEVEN minutes to pitch the audience on why their film should be selected, and then the script will be read to the audience.  After all SIX finalists have presented, each audience member must vote for their top THREE.  The top THREE films with the most votes will each get $2,000.  Come watch our finalists pitch their projects for a chance to win your vote and $2000 to go make their movies!

WHEN: November 7th at 7:30pm 

WHO: Congrats to our finalists…

  • ‘Agnes’ by Amanda Lippert and…
    ‘Deferred Pay Receptionist’ by Anisa Alamia   (from the Sept 19th readings)
  • ‘And Baby Makes Crazy’ by Susan-Kate Heaney & Brian Taylor and…
    ‘Aunt Lena’ by Jay J Levy   (from the Sept 26th readings)
  • ‘The First Temptation of Christy’ by Jack Millard and…
    ‘Drain’ by Colin Jay Blair   (from the Oct 3rd readings)

A.  Do you like it/want to see it?
B.  Can it be made for $2,000?
C.  Do you believe the filmmakers are prepared/practical in their approach and know what they’re doing?  As in, will this film be executed properly?

BONUS: Free wine and snacks… water by our sponsor AquaHydrate… and Pretzel Crisps sponsored by Snack Factory!