… and the winners are!

so the semi-finals in the film challenge are complete and the winners have been chosen by you, the We Make Movies community. the six winning scripts were:

  • ‘Agnes’ by Amanda Lippert and …
    ‘Deferred Pay Receptionist’ by Anisa Alamia from the Sept 19th readings
  • ‘And Baby Makes Crazy’ by Susan-Kate Heaney & Brian Taylor and …
    ‘Aunt Lena’ by Jay J Levy from the Sept 26th readings
  • ‘The First Temptation of Christy’ by Jack Millard and …
    ‘Drain’ by Colin Jay Blair from the Oct 3rd readings

also, in case you were wondering who wrote the other scripts – now that the semi-finals are finished – here are all the pieces from each night, in the order they were read (not including Sept 26th since that order got a little screwed up). the winning scripts are also listed again and are bolded.

“The Interview” Noel Olken
“Jack’s Escape” Neil McGowan
Agnes Amanda Lippert
“Goblins” Dominic Conti
“Silly Fucking Rabbit” Eric Weiher / Matt O’Neal
“Lucky Penny” Reena Dutt
“Chalkboard Prom Date” Joe Leonard / Sarah Ruttinger
“Unfinished Sympathy” Kevin Barney
Deferred Pay Receptionist Anisa Alamia
“Sunday Mail” Allie Costa
“Ice Cream” Andrew Ahn


SEPTEMBER 26th ORDER – as best i can recall
“Sex Machine” Chad Kukahiko
“Casey” Violeta Reinaga
“Apartment 606” Kenyetta Smith
“The Acolytes” Greg McCarthy
Aunt Lena Jay J Levy
“Last Meal” Shaun DeHaan
And Baby Makes Crazy Susan-Kate Heaney / Brian Taylor
“Customer Disservice” Zack Van Eyck
“First” Kendall Kanoa Hawley
“Jackpot” Xavier Sagel


“Bitter Sweet Summer Night” Vince Peagler
“Showdown” Whit Spurgeon
“If There’s Anything You Need To Say” Patrick Duncan
The First Temptation of Christy Jack Millard
“Last Tango In Paradise” Eric Michael Kochmer
“Once It’s Taken Shape” Sapna Gandhi / Chris Frederick
Drain Colin Jay Blair
“Turkey Day” Matt Olson
“Untouchable” Dawn Sam Alden
“The Opportunists” Darrow Carson


the scripts were all really good this year and i for one had a really hard time selecting. most nights the 3rd and 4th place scripts were really close behind. we hope that regardless of whether you made it to the finals or not that you’ll still plan on producing your scripts. as always, we’ll be more than happy to help all that we can.

the finals will be on November 7th at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks (as always) and a post describing them will go live shortly.

stay tuned!