FCPX: How To Make Your SFX Libraries Searchable in FCPX

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FCPX: How To Make Your SFX Library Searchable in FCPX

  1. Option click Itunes in the dock and create a new Itunes Library. Save it Wherever you’d like.
  2. Go Into the advanced tab of your ITunes preferences and make sure “Copy Files To ITunes Media folder when adding to library” is deselected.
  3. Make a new playlist for each SFX folder you want to add. Then, simply drag your folders from the finder into each playlist. Rename your playlists to reflect your SFX folder names.
  4. Make a new playlist folder and add each of the playlists you’ve made into it.
    Open FCPX and then your music and sound browser. Under the ITunes heading you will see the playlist folder you made and within that, you’ll see all of your new playlists.
    You can now search your SFX by playlist or from the playlist folder, and then edit them all directly into your FCPX timeline.