FCPX: Using Redcine-X Pro To Grade Your RED RAW in FCPX

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FCPX: Redcine-X Pro Workflow

  1. Open Redcine-X Pro and find all of your media. Add it to a bin. Select all of your clips and Right Click them. Select “Save RMD”.
  2. Import your RED footage into FCPX. All changes you now make to your R3D’s in RCX will now update automatically in FCPX.
  3. You can also grade your RAW directly in RCX from your original media folder, even if you’re using clip references. Simply select your orignal media folder in the file browser and then right click and select “open in new bin (include subfolders)”. Then select the new bin, and you’ll be able to grade all of your Raw footage from your project and it will automatically update in FCPX, as long as you followed steps 1 and 2.
  4. If you find FCPX isn’t updating your raw setting, simply select the RED clips you’re having problems with, open the Red HUD in FCPX, select Revert to Neutral Values, click CANCEL, and your RAW changes should refresh automatically in FCPX.