FCPX: RED Workflow – Part 01

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FCPX: RED Workflow – Part 1

  1. Make a New Event.
  2. Right click on event and add two Keyword collections: R3D and Sound.
  3. Uncheck “Copy Files to Final Cute Events folder and “Import folders as Keyword Collections” in import preferences. Make sure transcoding options are disaabled as well.
  4. Drag Red Media from finder into R3D keyword collection. Drag Sound in sound keyword collection.
  5. Globally adjust Raw, most likely to Redcolor 3 and Redgamma 3 with minimal adjustments. You must click apply in order for your adjustments to take effect or move to a new clip or group of clips to adjust.
  6. Add “Frame size” as a column in list view. Sort according to frame size, and add keywords according to each resolution size.
  7. Add keywords to your preference to all video and audio and batch rename accordingly. I tend to rename according to the “scene” column.
  8. Enter camera angle metadata and then make multicam clips accordingly. NOTE: Spatial Conform settings will NOT work with Synchronized clips in the latest release, so I recommend making multicam clips instead if you have RED media with second source audio. If you use synchronized clips, you will likely need to break apart your clips before you online your movie.
  9. Transcode proxies (or start this anytime after step 3).
  10. Set playback to Proxy FCPX preferences under the “playback” tab.