FCPX: Audio Component Editing Workflow

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Audio Component Editing Workflow:

  1. It’s best practice to patch your audio before you edit, and you can make adjustments to the patching of your clips in the inspector, configuring the microphones you’d like to use as well as whether your channels will appear as mono, stereo, surround, etc. You can also rename your components as well. Additionally, you can also make these adjustments to the patching of your clips among a range of clips at the same time (as long as they were recorded the same way) by group selecting those clips and modifying their patching in the inspector.
  2. You can modify the patching in the timeline as well, however those settings will only effect the edit(s) you’ve selected.
  3. Ctrl-Alt-S – Expand Audio components, or right click on a clip and select it there.
  4. V – enable/disable component.
  5. Drag on the left/right side of a component to make a disable range. Shift drag to trim/expand all of your components.
  6. Drag on the inside of a component to make a range across it that you can modify. This works exactly the same way as the range selection tool.
  7. Add keyframes by alt clicking the volume bar.
  8. Between two sets of components, dragging out the edge will expand the component you dragged and disable the other beneath it across that trim. Holding down shift will expand all components.
  9. You can copy and paste effects and other audio settings on a component to component basis by using paste attributes (shft-cmd-V).
    You can also make group modifications to components in the timeline that have been patched the same way by affecting them in the inspector while they’re all selected.
    Effects across multiple clips can be enabled and disabled, however you can CAN’T group modify the individual parameters of effects.
  10. You can use the timeline index to select clips by name and then quickly modify all of the instances of that clip or set of components in the inspector. However, be aware that component names are not searchable in the timeline index.
  11. Components do not have fade handles. To crossfade multiple components, switch to Expand Audio/Video Mode or use keyframes.