FCP7 to FCPX Red Workflow – Part 01

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FCP7 to FCPX Red Workflow part 01:

  1. Purchase 7 to X from App Store for $9.99.
  2. Prep your sequence to export your XML for 7 to X – If necessary, media manage your sequence/project to a single drive. Make sure all media is online. Convert motion projects to rendered quicktimes. Export freeze frames as stills. Variable speed changes will be rellected as constant speed clips, and you may need to slip a frame or two. Unlink your merged video clips in the timeline. Any questions? Consult the comprehensive help document in 7 to X.
  3. Export FCP XML to the default settings of this finished sequence. this will be what goes into 7 to X.
  4. Export reference movie of your final FCP7 sequence at its current settings.
  5. Duplicate this sequence, place in a new bin, and rename “Sequence_toresolve”.
  6. Push option-T to enter “Toggle Clip Keyframes” mode and then Remove FCP7 titles, delete audio, match frame all speed adjusted clips then reinsert into timeline those clips so that playback will be normal. Delete speed adjusted clips from your sequence. Remove any/all filters that won’t translate to FCPX.
  7. Export XML of this sequence and then bring into Davinci Resolve.
  8. With Resolve open, make a new project. Add all R3D and footage from other cameras that you used in your edit into the media pool. NOTE: DO NOT ADD THE TRANSCODED R3D FILES YOU EDITED WITH IN FCP7 FOR YOUR RED MEDIA INTO THE MEDIA POOL OR YOUR FOOTAGE WILL CONNECT TO THOSE. Then, import your “to resolve” XML in the conform tab and deselect the box “automatically relink files”. All of your footage will reconnect, and your RED files will be reconnected to the original R3D’s. Export an FCPXML of your reconnected sequence.