Arri Alexa – Legal vs. Extended

While this article is very specfic to the Arri Alexa and its digital color workflow, in a broader sense much of the information here can be readily applied to the difference between YCbCr 422 digital video, RGB Data, and all the things that go wrong when we monitor in video but post process RGB Data.

That said, here we go..

Anyone doing on-set color correction for the Alexa is well acquainted with the LogC to Video LUT workflow. I’m guessing many of the readers of this blog are already savvy but just in case, here’s a refresher –

First a definition – “Log C” is a video recording option on the Alexa and stands for “Log Cineon”. This encoding scheme is based on the Kodak Cineon Curve and it’s purpose is to preserve as much picture information as the sensor is able to output.

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