WMM Film Challenge Nights!

Get ready for three very special WMM FILM CHALLENGE NIGHTS!!

WHAT: WMM Film Challenge Nights –  Our first round of staged readings of the top scripts chosen from the 77 scripts submitted to our Film Challenge in July.  The 31 scripts selected are below!

September 19th  7:30pm
September 26th  7:30pm
October 3rd,  7:30pm

THE SCRIPTS: Congrats to all those selected to progress to the next stage of the challenge! You can tell as many people as you’d like which night your piece will be ready, but please help ensure fairness at the readings by not telling anybody details about your script until after voting has occurred. Thanks and best of luck!

NOTE: The following dates are subject to change. We’ll be in contact with the filmmakers and working out scheduling issues perhaps up until the last moment, and will do everything we can to accomodate, but writers’ attendance is not necessary for the script to progress to the next level.

Sept 19th:
Silly Fucking Rabbit
Unfinished Sympathy
Lucky Penny
Deferred Pay Receptionist
Ice Cream
Chalkboard Prom Date
The Interview
Jack’s Escape
Sunday Mail
Sept 26th:
Last Meal
And Baby Makes Crazy
Aunt Lena
Customer Disservice
The Acolytes
Sex Machine
Apartment 606
Oct 3rd:
The Opportunists
The First Temptation of Christy
Once It’s Taken Shape
Bitter Sweet Summer Night
Turkey Day
If There’s Anything You Need To Say
Last Tango In Paradise

To read on September 19th, please submit to [email protected] with “FILM CHALLENGE READER 9/19/12”  in the subject header by Friday, September 14th.  There are TEN scripts to cast so there are lots of roles for both men and women.

To read on September 26th (TEN scripts to cast), please submit to [email protected] by Friday, September 21st with the subject header “FILM CHALLENGE READER 9/26/12”.

To read on October 3rd (ELEVEN scripts to cast), please submit to [email protected] by Friday, September 28th with the subject header “FILM CHALLENGE READER 10/3/12”. 

On three Wednesday nights (Sept 19 & 26th and Oct 3) we will read ten or eleven scripts back to back.  All casting will be done by We Make Movies (so as as to keep it as fair as possibe) and though you are completely welcome to invite as many people to the night that your piece is being read as possible, we ask that you not tell anybody anything about your script.  We realize you probably already have friends who are familiar with your script and that’s totally fine, but we’d still like to keep it as fair as we can, so please try to limit the amount of people who will be able to know which script is yours until after the votes are collected.

At the end of the night, everybody who heard ALL the scripts being read – and ONLY people who heard ALL the scripts – will be allowed to vote and each ballot will have a spot to name three scripts. each script listed will get one point and the TWO highest rated scripts from each night will progress to the finals. We’ll try to parse these ballots as quickly as possible, but last year it took us a few days before we were able to finish and announce the round winners.  If it takes us that much time again, we’ll be very grateful for your patience.

The exact night of the finals themselves isn’t certain yet, but we’re hoping to book it one night in November between the 5th and 11th.  We’re planning to make that a really big, fun event and if you make it that far you’ll be able to invite as many people as you’d like.  Each of the six finalists will then be given a limited amount of time (last year it was seven minutes) to pitch your production and then your cast will be able to read your script.  If you’d like to do the reading and THEN the pitch, that’s fine, but last year all the highest rated scripts pitched first.  If you’d like to (and we do suggest that you do), you’ll be able to cast for your final reading and we’re even providing a casting day (or three – attendance to at least one of these days will be mandatory – see stipulations below) in mid-October.

After all six pieces have been pitched and read, ballots will be collected (again, only from people who heard ALL six pitches and readings) and this time parsed in a back room, that same night.  The three winners will be announced right there at the final event and presumably given their checks right away.

THE STIPULATIONS: (also in the original post)
1.  You must cast your film with at least 50% WMM members.
2.  You must agree to participate in open WMM community auditions.
3.  WMM will have NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to screen your film and post it to its respective youtube channel and website (you will still be welcome to distribute your film however you’d like in addition to this).
4.  You will agree to allow WMM to post your completed film on the internet within nine months of screening it.
5.  You will finish your film within six months of receiving funding for it.

Bonus: Free wine and snacks… water by our sponsor AquaHydrate… and Pretzel Crisps sponsored by Snack Factory!