Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Update & Video Editing

Apple’s newest operating system 10.8 Mountain Lion is out now, so you may be wondering how it might effect the post production apps you rely on!  Below find information about how the update effects popular video editing applications and support software/hardware.

As with any new OS update, it is typically best to wait a bit before downloading, so software developers and Apple work out any hiccups that might arise.  If you have noticed any issues with the latest OSX update please share them in the comments!


Avid has released a white paper detailing the minor issues Media Composer and Pro Tools users may experience after upgrading to OSX 10.8.   The inclusion of a new Gatekeeper – a malware fighting security feature – in version 10.8 may trigger a warning message to users when activating Avid apps and plugins.  However, this message can be easily bypassed.  Pro Tools users may notice that single key commands may no longer function.  Avid states they are looking to “resole this issue in an upcoming release that supports Mountain Lion”.

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