Top ten Reasons Why Film Makers Screw Up In High Level Negotiations

At some point in your career, or in the life of your film, you will find yourself cutting a deal where the outcome could be life changing… or career killing!

The reason these negotiations usually end up screwing the filmmaker is quite simple. Filmmakers may be great at blagging stuff for free, or convincing mates to work through the night, but that is NOT high level negotiation. As such, we often blunder into these meetings and get screwed because we are playing a completely different game with different rules.

So here are my top ten reasons why I have screwed up in the past, and if I have done it before, I am pretty sure there is a good chance you might too…

1. Because I was unprepared.
I simply didn’t do my research, didn’t think up any tough questions to ask (or prep for ones I might be asked). Research tells us that if a negotiation is to last one hour, we should spend at least three hours prepping for that it. How often do you do that? Or do you just wander in and they then run circles around you?
Solution – prepare, research and rehearse.

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