lotsa shtuff happenin’!!!

June is OUT OF CONTROL in the We Make Movies world. check out our calendar and see! below is a little mini-calendar, but you should really peruse the full page big ass calendar to really see what’s up. first, we have FIVE films in the Dances With Films festival and then almost immediately after that, a ton of our people are in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Fierce Backbone is arguably our sister theatre company here in LA (while Chris Whalen’s Barefoot Theatre Company is probably our NYC sister company) since so many of our members are also Fierce Backbone members. Andrew Boyle for instance is in ‘Clouds Rest‘ which is part of the FB collection of short pieces titled ‘Interventions‘. and then of course there’s my brief return to acting in a piece that i’ve been working on for two decades in my one-man show ‘Leprechauns & Lies‘.

so check it all out and have a bad ass June! so much to see and do, it should be good times! =D