really cool offer for WMM members from Wyrd Con

Wyrd Coni just got off the phone with some people putting together this very cool interactive storytelling convention called Wyrd Con. they was perusing our site and emailed me right away to tell me how in-sync they are with a lot of our goals and whatnot and made an offer to give us a number of passes to their convention! if you’re in anyway interested in Transmedia or in the future of story-telling or in finding new ways to tell your stories, you should DEFINITELY take them up on this offer and contact me right away. the convention is June 21st through 24th at the Hotel Costa Mesa in Orange County and panelists include Jeff Gomez from Starlight Runner Entertainment, several people from Blizzard and tons of others from the entertainment and gaming worlds. there is also going to be a wide variety of live gaming events open to all attendees.

this offer is of course only open to actual We Make Movies members – people who’ve been to at least one event, screening or workshop – and passes are limited, so contact me right away if you’re interested and i’ll let you know ASAP if you made the list. it’ll be first-come-first-served, so don’t wait!

tally ho!