Announcing Our Filmmakers’ Challenge!


To be eligible to submit:

1. Submit by the deadline: Tuesday, July 31st (11:59pm)
2. Submissions must be seven pages or less.
3. There is no entry fee, but only WMM members may submit their work – How do you become a WMM member?  You must attend an event/workshop.  That’s our only requirement.
4. You must submit in .pdf format.
5. Only ONE submission per writer.
6. Please send submissions to [email protected] 

In order to receive funding (if your script wins), challengers must agree to the following stipulations:

1.  You must cast your film with at least 50% WMM members.
2.  You must agree to participate in open WMM community auditions.
3.  WMM will have NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to screen your film and post it to its respective youtube channel and website (you will still be welcome to distribute your film however you’d like in addition to this).
4.  You will agree to allow WMM to post your completed film on the internet within nine months of screening it.
5.  You will finish your film within six months of receiving funding for it.

How The Contest Works:

1. Selection process – Names will be removed from the scripts before the judges read them.  Each script will be read twice.  In the event of a large discrepancy in scores, a third reader will be brought in to decide.  Scripts will be judged according to perceived quality and on the basis of whether or not it can be reasonably be shot for $2,000 (basically, don’t submit scripts with airports, tons of locations, exotic locations, or explosions).

2. First round of the contest – Depending on the number of submissions received, there will be either two or three initial contest nights beginning in September.  Each of the selected scripts will be cast with WMM actors and read on stage.  The audience will choose which scripts will advance to the finals.  Finalists will be those scripts that receive the most votes from those in attendance on the night of the workshop.  Either the top two or top three from each of the first round nights (depends on how many first round nights there are) will advance to the finals.

3. Community Auditions – Upon becoming a finalist (there will be six total), writers/filmmakers will be allowed to assemble their filmmaking teams and craft their pitches.  In addition to this, they will be asked to cast their films fully before the finals, and will be asked to attend open WMM community auditions for their projects.  A minimum of 50% of the selected cast must be members of the WMM community.

6. The Finals – The finals will be held late October/Early November.  Writers/Filmmakers will give their pitches to the community and have their casts read their scripts to the audience.  There will be (three) winners that will be selected by those in attendance on the night of the finals. Winners will receive checks for $2,000 to go make their films!