7 Things to think about before making your next video

The days of homemade cat videos and laughing babies biting each other’s fingers are slowing dwindling on YouTube.  We are increasingly seeing a rise in the quality of videos from online content creators.  Better cameras, better audio, overall we are witnessing an upwards trend towards high production content. Although the population of internet users rooting for the new media community have increased, the masses still have yet to fully welcome new media entertainment with open arms. Not to worry though! There’s no doubt in my mind that online video will soon become a cultural norm like television. For this day to arrive sooner we must train our eyes to be more critical of video production as a collective.

Here are a few things to consider before publishing your next video:


A lot of us probably started creating videos by pressing a button on a camera and making things up as we go along. The next step to taking your videos to the next level is starting with pre-production and having a plan of attack. Start off by writing a draft of your video, then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! Once you have clear script in hand, get together all the other elements you’ll need – such as a shot list, props, wardrobe, makeup..etc. – and get ready to film and make every frame count.

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