First time Filmmaker F-Up #59 – Dialogue Is Recorded on Set

What looping is and why it will save your movie!

The F-Up

Discovering looping is like finding a fairy godmother who has come to grant many of your wishes about what you would like changed in your movie. However, the f-up many new filmmakers make is not appreciating what looping is and its capabilities.

Through looping, you can replace poorly recorded or poorly acted sound, and you can change the tone of dialogue or put in new dialogue entirely. By understanding looping, you may be able to radically alter a great deal in your movie (without costly reshoots).

How to Do It Right

Looping, also called Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), is a system in post-production by which an actor replaces dialogue from production or records new dialogue entirely. During a looping session, an actor watches part of the movie on-screen and speaks into a microphone, trying to line up the lip motions of the new audio to the existing picture. An engineer, aided by computer technology can help subtly manipulate the sound to further match it to the pre-existing lip motions. Looping has become so popular that many of the movies made in Hong Kong have stopped recording any location sound at all and rely solely on looping to put in all the movie’s dialogue.

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