Production Needs: Lunch Break

Production:  LUNCH BREAK 
Contact: Brie Eley  
Contact Email[email protected] 
Contact Phone Number: 832-725-5658

Production Needs:  LOCATION NEEDED

Hello WMM!
I am producing a show called Lunch Break. It is a soap opera parody series that opens on a new hire lunch and develops into a take no prisoners battle for control and caprese paninis. And yes, it’s a comedy. I’m currently looking for a restaurant that would like to be featured in the series. See the flip about my series is that it’s actually a long form commercial. We work with the GM or owner to infuse fun bits about the food, drinks, location, whatever they want to promote into the show! It’s a really fun twist on new media and, more importantly, it’s an opportunity for the restaurant to creatively direct the chatter about their restaurant. We would only need a few hours to be divided over two half days or one full day of shooting. If anyone has any contacts or connections to local restaurants that may be interested in this promotion, please let me know.