Production Needs: Explode

Production: Explode
Contact: Noel Olken
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 213-448-0501

Production Needs:

Post Sound designer/mixer

Hi Everyone,

My name is Noel and recently discovered the WMM – world when I met Chad at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

I recently completed editing my second feature, Explode. Explode was shot in 7 1/2 days, for a total budget of $2450, and I have 24 speaking characters in the film. Crazy, huh? But it worked. The film features some great indie names like Joe Estevez and Circus*Szalewski.

I have a picture lock and now I need to finish the sound. How much work needs to be done? Well, like all low budget films, a fair bit, but not too much. The dialog actually sounds pretty good for the most part, and we only need to ADR a few lines. There are some wide exterior shots without dialog I just want to add a new base of traffic to, and smooth out some of the interiors. I did record room tone.

There is a lot of music that plays under most of the film, which is why it is not as much work as it sounds like it is.

When do I want to complete it?

I have submitted it to the Hollywood Fringe Festival Film section and if I am accepted, it will show sometime between June 14 and 24, so I need to finish it by June 10. If we are not accepted into the fringe, (where I am also doing a one person theatre show) then there is no deadline.

Compensation: I can offer a small stipend, but I can not offer a full salary at this time. The ideal candidate would be a student or someone new to sound design looking for a feature credit. The film is already up on IMDB and a trailer is on line and clips are available on youtube. Links are below.

Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more or speaking with me about it.

Here is the films site:

Here is a link to some clips on you-tube:

Thanks so much for looking and if you are interested I hope to speak with you soon.

Noel Noel Olken

[email protected]