Production & Casting Needs: Untitled Alternate Reality Game

Production:  Untitled Alternate Reality Game 
Contact: April Arrglington  
Contact Email[email protected] 
Contact Phone Number: 818-720-4316

Production Needs
– Prop maker to create a device like the ElcrticClerk.

– and an Actress to play ‘Jane’
Jane’s character should be in her 20’s, she could be of mixed heritage. Her father is cauasian (who we have already) but we never meet her mother so we can have her be whatever. In terms of what she would be required to do:

1. Stills: We need to established that she used to be an actress in the late 1920’s (needs to have access to wardrobe of the era). So we will be doing glamour shots. Also some informal shots with her father (JH Winthrop) who we already have. We are shooting all these stills this Sunday afternoon (for about 3hrs).

2.Video: She will be the one we see in the video transmissions of the Time Switch. The video will be about 5 minutes long total. So the shoot for that will be another half day schedule to happen in the next couple of weeks. She will also be in costume for that.

There is no money available for this (not only because on tight budget but also because commitment is so small). But we are planning on getting a lot of press for this and she of course would be accredited. We are also planning on shooting a video explaining how to play the game that we are also hoping to spread over the summer, and she would be profile in there too.