How to get MASSIVE results when you ask for help for your movie

I get five to ten communications a day from people asking for help – advice, promoting a campaign, reading a script etc. I pride myself on helping as many people as I can (if I can), but sometimes it’s just not possible. And if I am honest, sometimes, the communication I am sent can lead me to hit the delete button…

So what is it in some messages that makes people help, where others, they just bin?

Here is a my take on how to get people to help you.

Don’t expect YOUR preferred comms channel to be the best way to get in touch.
I don’t often read Facebook messages. I do read some Twitter messages, but infrequently. I don’t always check the answerphone either. But I always read emails. So for me at least, the best way to get in touch is via email. However, other people will respond to Twitter or Facebook where emails will go unread. The key is to understand that they may not like (or even use) YOUR preferred communication method. Research and try all communications avenues if needed. The usual mistake is to send a Tweet, get nothing, and give up. Don’t give up, try another route.

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