Hollywood Pitch Festival

I did this two years ago and it was amazing. I made some good contacts, which led to meetings for my tv pilot at two small cable networks. Granted, they got rejected by the higher-ups, I still made it pretty far in TV land, which they say is harder to break into as a show runner than the film industry.

If you have a movie idea to pitch, you may be even more fortunate than I was. The pre-pitch seminar is a must. I learned how to tailor my pitch there really well. So much so that one guy said to me, “Wow. That was a great pitch. My company has zero interest in what your show is about, but you really know how to pitch.” (It was an unplanned sit down with a guy at Spike TV – my show made it to Logo and Lifetime, so I knew it was hopeless going in, but worth the practice.

So – I highly recommend this festival. Worth the money.

-Chris Frederick

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