Chad & Sam featured on

Chad Kukahikocheck it out! Sam and Chad are featured today in IdeaMensch‘s “62 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of“. IdeaMensch is a very cool site that interviews people with new and interesting ideas. it’s a really impressive list over-all with some extremely innovative entrepreneurs, so we’re obviously totally honored to be included on the site and of course on this list. check it out here and see who’s all on it.

Charlie Capenthere is another WMMer on the list actually, though one we haven’t seen in a while because his daddy blog has been blowing up these past 18 or so months. erstwhile WMMer Charlie Capen was listed amongst the lucky 62 – because of that same daddy blog. it’s called and it’s very funny. Charlie started it with his hilarious co-founder Andy Herald.

congrats, Charlie & Andy and yay us! looks like the word is getting out!