Balls of Steel: Give to Receive

I’ve mentioned the power of paying it forward before, but I’d like to discuss what makes someone want to help a person. What do they get out of it? How do they decide who to help and who to walk away from?

In this cutthroat industry, it’s imperative to learn how to attract those who want to help you – a mentor, a producer, an agent. It could be a matter of life and death… for your career.

On Twitter, I’m known as the “Twitter Pimp Angel,” not because I wear a fedora and a bedazzled cape (at least not sober), but because I promote others without ever expecting anything in return.

Most people are taken aback by generosity, which always surprises me.

There’s no question, there are more selfish people in this world than there are selfless, but I’m challenging you to open your mind to the possibilities of giving instead of receiving. It will benefit not only your career, but also your life.

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