Avoid These 3 Practical DSLR “Gotchas” for a Smoother Shoot

Where were you when the floodgates opened?

Only a few years ago, the first HD video capable DSLR cameras were released. Fast forward to today and DSLR’s are not only prevalent on set, but the camera system of choice for many filmmakers.

Whether or not you agree with that choice is a different discussion and also largely irrelevant. The fact of the matter is you will eventually (if you haven’t already) work on a production that’s shooting with a DSLR.

And if you’re working on that gig as a camera assistant (AC), you’re going to find out why some moan and groan when shooting with DSLR’s. A lot of the reason behind these hissy-fits are the camera’s impracticalities in a film production environment — or “gotchas” — and here are three of them that can stall your production or even ruin your footage.

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